EcoBuzz – Save Carbon Emissions and Money by Cleaning your Dryer Vent!

ECO TIP | Save -11.3 lbs CO2e and $2.50 by cleaning dryer exhaust
Cleaning your dryer’s exhaust vent every 2 months keeps your dryer running better, thus saving you $$, improving air quality in your home, and reducing CO2 emissions. According to the EPA, you can eliminate 11.3 lbs of CO2e for and save $2.50 per cycle with a clean vent!  Learn more and find similar activities.


Renewables showing continued success…

If you thought it would be tough for renewables to top last week when the UK went 55 hours without using coal for the first time in history, and the Chattanooga Airport announced its plans to be fully solar powered by the end of the year, think again.

So far this week, MGM resorts has announced plans to power all of their Las Vegas casinos via solar by 2020, the Sunshine State has eased a rule that was a roadblock to consumer solar panel leasing, and a bipartisan group introduced legislation that would repeal Trump’s solar tariffs. Representative Mark Sanford (R-SC), an outspoken critic of Trump’s protectionist trade agenda, stated: “A tariff is a tax, and I don’t know what good can possibly come as a consequence of stifling the growth of solar power.”

Expect to see continued success from renewables since the worldwide production cost of renewable energy now undercuts that of fossil fuels for the first time in history.

Lyft to become carbon netural…

Ride sharing pioneer, Lyft, announced plans to pay for a number of eco-friendly projects in an effort to offset all carbon emissions from their weekly rides, thus making the company carbon neutral. Although most Lyft drivers still ferry riders around in gas-guzzling vehicles, this is a great step in the right direction, and we commend Lyft for what is (presumably) a large financial commitment!

Climate change denier confirmed to lead NASA…

Yet another climate denier was appointed to an influential environmental position this week when the Senate confirmed Jim Bridenstine (R-OK), a former Navy pilot with no scientific credentials and who doesn’t believe humans are primarily to blame for the global climate crisis, to lead NASA.


In case you didn’t notice, the oceans are struggling, and it’s our fault. From clogging them with plastic, to overfishing, to accelerating global warming that’s killing coral reefs, changing their currents, melting ice sheets, and causing sea levels to rise, we’re quickly becoming the ocean’s worst enemy.

Here are some things you can do to help:

  • Educate yourself on what’s harming the ocean and what you can do by watching this video from renowned oceanographer Sylvia Earle.
  • Check out the NYTimes’ front page feature on the irreversible damage to the Great Barrier Reef here.
  • Learn how scientists are using assisted evolution in an attempt to save the reefs.
  • Buy a bracelet from 4Ocean. Each bracelet purchased provides funds for the organization to pull 1 pound of trash from the ocean.

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