EcoBuzz – Great Barrier Reef gets $500 million; Reduce CO2e with One Tree Planted

ECO TIP | Save -48 lbs CO2e by donating $1 to One Tree Planted

Planting trees is one of the simplest and most effective ways to reduce your footprint, since each tree consumes 48 lbs of CO2e per year. For each $1 donated to One Tree Planted, the company plants 1 tree in a deforested area of your choice! Learn more and find similar activities.


Is Pruitt on his way out? Does it matter?

Pruitt is facing a lot of heat, including allegations of misconduct, from both sides of the House. Although many clean energy and climate advocates have excitedly hoped for Pruitt’s ouster, his orders and viewpoints are coming from the top (Trump), so the removal of Pruitt is unlikely to result in a new direction or undo the damage that has been done.

18 states sue Trump admin to defend Obama-era climate rules for vehicles…

The Obama admin created rules that would raise vehicle efficiency requirements to 50 miles per gallon by 2025, which Pruitt and the Trump admin swiftly discounted as being ‘based on outdated data’ and ‘too stringent.’ On Tuesday, 18 states sued Team Trump asking them to reconsider or reinstate the more stringent efficiency rules from the Obama-era.

Although an industry consortium, the Auto Alliance, backs the EPA’s moves, major automakers do not. Ford, Honda, and GM openly stated their support of the clean energy standards, and a lower emissions future.

Indigenous women put pressure on big banks…

It’s easy for individuals to feel powerless to sway industry and government on climate change. If you need some inspiration, check out these indigenous women who met with European banks to put pressure on them to divest from activities that are fueling climate change, and invest instead in clean energy. Their grassroots actions are helping the movement gain momentum.

The Great Barrier Reef gets life support…

The Australian government recently pledged $500 million toward improving water quality, controlling damaging starfish, and restoration activities in an effort to save the Great Barrier Reef. Although some scientists feel the money would be better spent tackling the root of the problem (i.e. Climate change), we applaud the Australian government for enacting serious measures to save a critical ecosystem.

What’s the news on renewables?

As we’ve discussed previously, renewable energy had a strong first quarter – across the US and the world. See this report for an overview of solar policy actions taken by states in Q1. See below for some key actions taken this week:

  • Minneapolis announced goal to be 100% renewable powered by 2022 (and stressed importance of bringing underserved communities into the fold).
  • Retired engineer built a proposal to make Alaska 100% renewable powered.
  • Hawaii announced a new program that will offer innovative financing for clean energy options.


Planting trees, especially in deforested areas, is one of the  most effective ways to directly clean the air, and reduce climate change. As trees mature, they consume around 48 pounds of CO2e per year, while releasing enough oxygen to supply a human’s needs for 2 years. One Tree Planted is a non-profit that plants 1 tree for every $1 you donate.

Team RePrint uses One Tree Planted to offset our travel emissions. As an example, one of our Co-Founders recently flew from Denver to Ohio. She used our Footprint Tracker to calculate the emissions of her flight, then donated enough money to One Tree Planted to offset the emissions.

You can also give trees as a gift, which makes for an excellent Mother’s Day present!  

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