About Us

Co-Founder & CEO

Lauren has a background in product management and digital marketing. She currently lives and works remotely out of a truck camper (‘Tramper,’ as she calls it) with her Lionhead bunny, Nightman, and boyfriend, Patrick. She loves hiking, skiing, snorkeling, diving, It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, Netflix, and breweries.

Co-Founder & CTO

Scott has a background in product development and technology. He lives in Chicago with his wife, 1 year old daughter, newborn son, and 2 goofy dogs. Music is his first love, which is evidenced by his massive guitar collection. He particularly enjoys listening to jazz on vinyl while enjoying a bourbon or egg nog.


Our mission is to make it easier for individuals to understand and discover ways to reduce their carbon footprints.

Climate science is complex and difficult to grasp. We believe this is why increasing numbers of people base their climate and environmental beliefs on what their favorite politicians and media outlets say, as opposed to researching and forming opinions based on scientific data. Our hope is for RePrint to make the data behind climate science, particularly carbon footprint and impact tracking, simpler and more accessible, thus empowering individuals to formulate their own opinions and take control over their lives.

Living sustainably is hard, but it isn’t impossible. The more you learn, the easier it becomes to live in ways that are less harmful. Our goal in building RePrint is to provide a resource – based on verifiable emissions data – to help you live a more eco-friendly life. It isn’t about perfection, since none of us is or can be perfect. Regardless of your stage in the process, we hope RePrint helps you discover ways to save money, live healthier, and reduce your impact.


We (Lauren and Scott) have always been sustainability enthusiasts. However, like many Americans, we mistakenly assumed our lifestyles were more green than they really were. After starting RePrint, we both took a hard, honest look at our lives, and realized we needed to do better. As part of this effort, we vowed to make RePrint as sustainable as possible. One important start was building it on a backend that’s powered by renewable energy, which is why we chose Google. This year, Google began purchasing 100% renewable energy to match consumption for global operations.

We incorporated the things we learned in our personal journeys toward sustainability into RePrint. Our hope is that our learnings and personal journeys will help educate and motivate you to reduce your footprint as well.

Lauren’s Story

Recently, Lauren and her boyfriend gave up their Chicago apartment and lifestyle to live and work remotely out of their truck camper. One of their main goals was to power the camper through solar. To do this, they bought and installed two solar panels. They also purchased all solar powered lights to use around the camper, and replaced all internal light fixtures with LED bulbs.

Lauren has developed a feverish obsession with discovering green(er) products, and new ways to recycle and reuse products she no longer needs. This has led her to use Oberweis milk,  Soap Nuts laundry detergent, wool or foil balls as dryer sheet replacements, Dr. Bronner’s skincare products, and to buy clothes from more sustainable retailers, such as Patagonia, Smartwool, and Pact (amongst other things). She became a pescatarian, built a compost pile, and has given up plastic straws and cutlery. #stopsucking

Scott’s Story

Scott’s focused on green housing ever since buying his place outside Chicago. He’s refused to buy anything gas-powered for years, and recently became the proud owner of an electric vehicle. He replaced all lightbulbs in his house with LEDs, exclusively uses cloth diapers with his kids, buys Oberweis milk, composts as much as possible, and switched to 50% renewable energy via Arcadia Power.